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To keep your room’s air fresh and clean, it is necessary to disinfect the ventilation system periodically. This allows you to improve the microclimate of an apartment or office and protect people from possible viruses and bacteria. In addition, cleaning allows the system to function efficiently.

Signs of dirt in the ventilation ducts 

Some signs indicate that it is time to disinfect the ventilation system. They are easy to notice by simply looking at the ventilation grill and paying attention to the condition of the apartment or other room:

 ?  A layer of dust and cobwebs is visible on the grill;

? The apartment has an unpleasant odor. 

If you notice the signs mentioned above, you should think about cleaning the ventilation as soon as possible and hire specialized air duct cleaning services in Colorado. 

Dangers of dirty air ducts 

Air conditioning ducts tend to become covered with grease and dust during use. A permanent layer of dirt forms on it. It can hide various viruses and parasites, so it is important to remove them regularly. 

Pathogenic organisms have a negative effect on people’s health. A person can get seriously ill by inhaling contaminated air. Dirty air can cause severe headaches. But these are still relatively minor consequences compared to those diseases that can be picked up. 

It is even more dangerous to leave dirt in the ventilation ducts in a medical institution or any commercial space. In this case, the risk of microbial penetration into tools and equipment is increased. After that, microorganisms will begin to multiply actively, which will lead to unsanitary conditions and nullify all efforts to maintain cleanliness. 

As dirty vents carry many dangers, all operations related to their cleaning are regulated by legislative acts. Such disinfection must be carried out by specialists using the necessary tools and cleaning agents. 

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