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HVAC systems are one of many luxuries Americans have to live comfortably in their homes. As of 2021, 91% of homes in the United States have air conditioning installed. 

However, many of those homeowners are unaware of the proper maintenance needed for a clean system. 

Knowing how to clean your air conditioner can boost efficiency and save you money. 

Keep reading to learn about eight HVAC cleaning tips to use this Spring!  


HVAC units contain a heating element called a furnace. This furnace provides heat throughout your home during the colder months. It eliminates the need for propane or gas heaters, making your air quality better overall. 

As the cold season comes to a close, you must inspect the furnace for any damages. Inspecting it can prevent further issues from occurring during the summer. Making necessary repairs will also ensure it is ready for the first cold spell. 

Always check all wiring and panels to ensure there are no disconnections. You should also check the ignitor to see if it is free of clogging and is in working condition. 


Since your air conditioner has probably not run since last summer, you must test it. The first time your turn it on will let you know if any repairs need to be made. 

Let it run for a few minutes and listen for any unusual noises. If you hear nothing, you can continue with your testing. However, if there are unusual noises, you need to pinpoint the location of the sound. 

These noises are often caused by loose ducting, debris, and fan issues. Once you find the problem, fix it immediately and retest. The AC should be ready if no other sounds occur and it runs properly. 


Each HVAC system is equipped with filters that help with air quality. These filters help trap dust, dirt, allergens, hair, etc., and keep it out of the rest of the air conditioner system. This filtration then allows your AC to work efficiently. 

It’s good to change these filters every 90 days or after each season. Those that live in dusty environments or have pets may want to change these more often. Upgraded options are also available for these conditions.


Your home should be properly sealed to keep dirt, air, and critters out. However, as some homes age, their seals begin to weaken. These weak seals can cause many problems for the interior of your home. 

Before starting your air conditioner for the season, you must check your home for leaks. Common leaks can be found in window seals, door jams, and roofs. Your air conditioner will struggle to maintain a comfortable temperature if the cold air escapes. 

You can caulk window and roof leaks to ensure there are no drafts. Special seals are sold for doors that help close the gaps. 


The vents are where the air comes out of the ducts and into your home. These areas collect dust and grime easily. Therefore, you must clean them regularly to avoid buildup. 

Dirty vents will spread allergens and dirt as air is forced out. Those with allergies can suffer from this poor air quality. Unhealthy air quality can cause other health issues like dizziness, headaches, and fatigue.

Slightly dirty vents can be cleaned with an all-purpose cleaner and a rag. Dirtier vents may need to be pressure washed to remove caked-on residue. 


The ducting in your HVAC system is within the ceiling, floors, and walls. The air travels through these tubes to bring cool air inside. Since ducts are constantly in use when the air conditioner runs, they are prone to wear. 

Check inside the tubes for any loose debris and remove it if necessary. A professional cleaning may be needed for dirty ducts. Deep cleaning your ducts should be done at least every five years. 


Harsh winters can cause damage to the outdoor HVAC unit. You must do a visual inspection of the unit to ensure nothing looks damaged. You can call your local HVAC servicer if you think something may be wrong. 

The outdoor unit should be free of debris, meaning you should remove any leaves or limbs that have fallen. Additionally, make sure the unit is sitting level and on a sturdy surface. Snow and water could have impacted the ground during the winter.

When you finally start your air conditioner, check how the outdoor unit runs. Your unit should be turned off immediately if there are any leaks or serious issues. 


The thermostat in your home works together with your HVAC unit. This device allows you to set your desired temperature and relays the information to the unit. Your air conditioner then turns on until your temperature is maintained. 

You should ensure the thermostat is in working condition by reducing the temperature. Your AC should come on soon after you select an option. If it does not relay the message, you may need to replace or repair the thermostat. 

Replace your batteries at the beginning of the summer so that it doesn’t unexpectedly stop working. You could come home to a warm house if the batteries died while away. 


These cleaning tips will help you have a clean system and a healthier environment in your home. As the warmer air approaches, remember to get your system cleaned as soon as possible. 

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